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about Natuurlijk

(Dutch for 'natural')

Always looking for the best and most honest products!

The products which are prepared at Natuurlijk are all carefully selected on the basis of season, full ground and full sun. For our dishes we mainly use local produce from the farmers of Noord Holland. Sustainable, honest and as organic as possible.

Natuurlijk Dairy

Organic milk is produced by cows that has been outside in the open air. Dairy as nature intended it.

Natuurlijk Vegetables

As organic as possible from local farmers.

Natuurlijk Bread

100% Dutch, that’s bread made by Carl Sieggert. At this beautiful traditional bakery sustainability and organic products are most important. The corn grows (a.o.) in the famous Dutch Flevopolder and is ground in authentic Dutch corn mills. The predicate 100% Dutch harvest is tailored to them.

Natuurlijk Fish

Because we add strict importance to sustainable and honest fishing we apply following priciples:

• We watch fish quotas of over-fished or vulnerable species.
• We place value on catching and breeding methods.
• We preferably only work with fish with an MSC certification.
• Of course we are certified ourselves.

(MSC is the leading quality control mark and certification programme for sustainable fishing in the whole world).

Natuurlijk Chicken

Free-range chicken from Kempen (organic Kemper landfowl) Chickens are natural forest birds and are most comfortable scrabbling around freely all day and being active. This results in a natural product of firm meat and more taste. Good for the perception which used to be the norm.

Natuurlijk Lamb

The Laaglander lamb grazes in typical Dutch landscapes as the Beemster and the Schermer. The ground is very fertile there and produces an abundance of natural grass, flowers and clovers. Acting as nutrition, this leads to very tasty lamb, rich in iron, zinc and vitamin B.

Natuurlijk Beef

Irish natural beef. The Black Angus meat is amongst the finest beef available and tastes as it is supposed to: natural and without additives. This refined and intense flavour owes itself to the natural circumstances in which the cattle live. De Black Angus bovines graze the whole year through in herds in the green hills of Ireland. The combination of fresh grass, space and plenty of activity results in the remarkable class of the Irish Angus beef.